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Not everyone can build a complete homestead that is 100% self sufficient, but we can all do something for our homes...for our families. Experiencing economy and nature through solar, right in our homes, enables us and strengthens our core beliefs of community/nation, which we believe is desperately needed in our day. 

Imperial Design serves the Yavapai County for homesteading needs. Our primary task is that of designing solar projects, through who we believe are the two best solar companies in the nation: SunPower and POWUR. You can see more about SunPower and POWUR by visiting their websites.

SunPower is the only solar company in America that has its own product and its own bank. This enables SunPower to remain a very reliable contender in the solar industry...37 years, which is a long time for a solar company. This business model is ideal for those who do not need the custom installs such as ground mounts and corrugated roofs. They are proud to be "old school". Their business model has been working for a very long time, and they see no need to modify it. Most of the publically traded companies are cutting corners to compete with SunPower's reputation, which leaves a lot of their clients unhappy, due to the poor quality of equipment, etc, they have to push.

POWUR is a "Public Benefit Corporation". This is the future business model for solar, we do believe, as it is not just about profit, but about serving the community. They are not a manufacturer like SunPower, but they have a different edge, which has more to do with selection of equipment, as well as installers. Many of the "broker type" solar companies have neither manufacturing nor specialized designing of systems. They shoot for the cookiecutter houses that are found in the metropolitan areas. This is because they are bound by their financial investors to focus on VOLUME!

The PBC model of POWUR is much different because it is not a publicly traded broker-model that has to achieve certain numbers in order to survive the stock market. One of the main benefits we like about POWUR is that they are flexible with their equipment and installing. Most homes in the Prescott/quad city area are different and need specialized installers. The cookie cutter model fails drastically at this because their teams only know one way, and will push equipment that they do not even believe is sound. This is because of the top down structure they have to submit to.

Solar is a changing industry in America, and Imperial Design is fully aware of this. We can help you like no other solar designer.

Call Imperial Design for questions and appointments anytime 8am to 8pm, Monday through Saturday.