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Serving Arizona Homes with Specialization in Cabinet Finishing and Exterior Repaints imageServing Arizona Homes with Specialization in Cabinet Finishing and Exterior Repaints image
Imperial is a licensed and insured painting contractor with an eye for beauty. With influence from a variety of cultures across the world, we are certain we can help you make your home become a place of comfort and joy. Regarding our approach to jobs, we want you to have exactly what you want, but we also want to be there for you as consultants.

Different colors and textures work well depending on the style of the home and the material that is being painted. We feel it is important to work with our clients as designers, not just workers. We enjoy working with our clients as a part of our profession. We believe this to be essential in most all phases of construction. Communication, proper expectation, and ability to work together, all need to come into play for a successful project.

The contractor, Michael, has lived in Arizona for about 20 years. He began painting in his 20s, in Southern California. He has experience painting and building some very exclusive homes, with homeowners who are very particular about the work they want done. He has also worked in commercial painting, where job sites involve more complex material and application.

Michael's education is structured in humanities and theology, but he loves construction. He has been a volunteer for various nonprofit organizations, laborer in construction, as well a businessman. Michael's leadership philosophy is to be a mentor to his team. They all work together to get each job done for complete satisfaction.

If you live in the Phoenix or quad cities area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey) and need a painting estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We love cabinet finishing. We use specialized coatings that you typically cannot find at places like Home Depot, and even many paint stores. The reason for why we do this is because cabinets take a lot of abuse. Even quality paints will often fail after only a short time...scratches chips, etc.

New cabinets are nice, right? Have you seen the prices? They are outrageously priced. Refinishing is much less! Also, with refinishing your current cabinets, you can pick any color you want. Most new cabinets are limited to their color selection.

Your kitchen, as they say, is the "heart of the home". Make it special!
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